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If we take a look at the ranking of yop-10 countries where Western men look for significant other we’ll notice a funny thing – the ranking consists only of countries from Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine) and Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines etc). It’s quite easy to understand why Western Europeans like girls from Eastern Europe – they have a lot in common, they all speak English and share more or less same...

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Why we shouldn’t be against gay people

Is well known that each one of us has his own opinions regarding any matter. We are all individual people, with our particular thoughts and different knowledge. Gay people and their relationships are subjects that were disputed among time and the opinions regarding this matter were so many and so different. There are people that accept them and there are people that really can’t deal with something like that. Well, for me, gay dating is not an...

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How To Tell If A Date Is Going Well

Welcome to iDateAdvice and tips on how to make sure if the date is going well. Holding attention is the key, if the person shows his/her attention, if she or he feels comfortable it is a very good sign. A person who leans in, looks right into your eyes is really interested in you. Sharing laughter, smiling a lot is a great sign. Physical closeness, putting your arm around her is wonderful proof she likes you. Any indication for the next date...

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