Dating in Russia

To overcome the insecure feeling of being lonely pursuits nearly everyone who are looking for a sweetheart or someone to fall in love with. People all around the world are similar and need to feel that someone is waiting for them and loves them. Russia is not an exclusion. If one wants to date a Russian girl, the general rules ae the same as in the other countries.You should not forget that despite all the myths and stories about Russians, they are the same human beings as the rest of the world. However, due to the cultural background and traditions, there things that are popular only in Russia and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

The first fact that you should comprehend is that Russia is a multinational big country with many nations living inside it. This consequently leads to the fact that girls and young men from different parts of Russia may have different views on dating and marriage. Additionally, they all may have peculiar traditions when starting to date or when marrying. Thus, this alters the perception of family and family values. Obviously, a girl who is Christian will not have the same views on the family as the one who is Muslim. These differences are quite significant nowadays and require special attention when one decides to date a Russian girl.

Well, we shall proceed with our brief study of dating norms in Russia. The best way to know them is to understand the way Russian men date women. First of all, they are very romantic and value love above all (of course, if we are talking about the traditional or conservative men and women). Therefore, they try to be genuine and polite gentlemen. They will never allow a Russian woman to carry heavy bags or to pay for herself in a restaurant.Beautiful woman date a Russian girl

Another very important rule is that Russian women desire to get flowers constantly. Therefore, Russian men bring flowers not on special days but even to every date or dinner. Flowers are very symbolic for Russian women. They perceive them as symbols of flourishing love and get the feeling of summer. If you think, this is far from being crazy, especially, with the extremely cold Russian winters and bad weather when it is raining or misty. They all want to feel warmth and to be cared of. This is one of the key desires of any Russian woman.

Another key rule is that a girl should never be charged with planning your date! This is very important and you should keep it in your mind! They like to feel that they are taken care about by their men who will definitely organise a wonderful date. However, sometimes women may intend to lead, which is not good, really. So, you should try to be always in charge of everything, if you want to have a successful relationship. On the other hand, the girl will surely be preoccupied with her outlook. So, whilst you take care of organizing the event, she will definitely embellish it with her outstanding and stunning beauty. Remember, being beautiful is the key for any Russian woman as she wants to be admired. However, do not start flattering and telling lies because they are very sensitive and as long as they find out that you were lying to them, the consequences may be disastrous for your relationship. Sometimes it may lead to breaking up and loss of confidence.

Well, due to certain limits, it is impossible now to list all of the habits of dating in Russia. One thing is certain – nevertheless you are implementing some rules in order to please your Russian girl or to start a relationship with one, you should always remain yourself. This is key to success in any kind of relationships. Your person will always be with you, regardless of all the rules.