If we take a look at the ranking of yop-10 countries where Western men look for significant other we’ll notice a funny thing – the ranking consists only of countries from Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine) and Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines etc). It’s quite easy to understand why Western Europeans like girls from Eastern Europe – they have a lot in common, they all speak English and share more or less same mentality.

However, it’s totally different with Asia. But statistics do not lie – men from Europe, Canada, the US and even Russia marry ladies from Philippines more and more often!


Natural beauty

As we all know the wealthier a country is the more emancipated women live there. Unfortunately it has already become an axiom. That is why men from Western countries often prefer to find a woman from a place where the lifestyle remains more natural or even old-fashioned.

There is no secret in the fact that a man would like to be the head of the family. An independent woman who earns as much as a man does or even more quite often seems to be unattractive – that’s something biological, we suppose.

Filipina girls with their charm, smiles, beautiful black hair and cute modesty look so different from a typical woman from the USA or Germany. They arouse ancient instincts in Western men who want to take care of those Asian princesses and make them feel safe and happy.

Older men are welcome

In Philippine culture a man is the core of the family. A man is always respected and treated well regardless of how old he is or how much he earns. That is another reason why older men from different parts of the world come to Philippines in search of a wife or a girlfriend.

We’d like to warn that you shouldn’t take Filipina women are not typical mail-order brides who often cheat and do their best to pump money out of trustful men. Women from Philippines are very long-sighted and family-oriented. They merely do not see any sense in short-term relationships or in cheating. Basically their aim is to find a good life partner and to go side by side with him.

There are hundreds and probably already thousands men from Western countries who have been happily living with Filipina girls – some take wives to their countries, the others stay in the Philippines. Lots of new families live in harmony and comfort raising bilingual children and enjoying life. Would you like to join them? That is easier than you think!


Online dating with Filipina women

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