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If you want to become a happy husband of the Slavic women, you should show her that she is the only one in your life, listen to her carefully and treat with all your love and tenderness. Follow our advice, if you want to marry Slavic women:

  • Remember, the girls are very thin-skinned, touchy beings with sensitive psyche. They take every event very close to the heart. Even if she does not show any sign of offense, it does not mean that everything is fine. Pay more attention to the eyes. They are known to be the mirror of the soul, and only there you can see the true answer.
  • Shower her with compliments. As you know a woman like with her ears. Do not skimp on the declaration of love and do it with all your heart. If you’re cunning – you will get the opposite effect. Behavior in a relationship with a girl must be sincere, because she just feels false.
  • Give the girl gifts and surprises, do everything possible to save her love. For example, you can go on a picnic or order a meal from the restaurant and arrange a dinner for two. It is nice to give some gift, not necessarily terribly expensive, as long as it cause joy or even admiration. This thing should remind her of the happy moments spent with you. Of course, you should show how much you appreciate and love her.
  • Each day, try to do something nice for your girl to keep her love. For example you can give her breakfast in bed or bring her flowers during the day.
  • Spend more time together. Try to behave in a relationship with a girl, so that all could realize that you are a couple. If you really appreciate your girl, you need to replace your personal files, meeting with friends at a common pastime.
  • Always listen to her very carefully, do not interrupt the girl. Do not say you have no time to listen to her concerns, complaints and stories of various kinds. This greatly hurt the feelings of the girl.
  • Stay yourself. If you are ready and able to fight for your common happiness, do it. Believe in your strength and be sure everything will turn out. You do not have to think how to keep the love of a girl, you have to simply keep your relationship.Cute woman blowing kiss at camera over gray background

Talking about the peculiarities of Russian women, we can highlight the following facts:

  • The richness of the cultural heritage.
  • Communication with orthodox views and values. Respect for the truth, cultivating the gratitude and love for others, with a sense of their sinfulness, the negative attitude to the faith in their own strength (pride), a negative attitude toward money and wealth, a tendency to rely on God’s will.
  • The constant search for spirituality and meaning of life, and the features of Romanticism. The exaltation of man in general, and the belittling of a particular person in particular (lack of habit to respect each person).
  • One more peculiarity of date Russian women is the respect of tradition and behavior in daily life. Tea and coffee can be considered as Russian national drink! It is drunk in homes and offices, cafes and shopping malls. For now offer tourists the usual espresso and cappuccino made with the help of machines. The coffee could be served with sweets, cookies or some a kind of brandy. As for the tea, Russians prefer drinking tea with a lemon or raspberries.
  • Smoking is very popular habit in Russia not only among the men, but also among women. But at the same time Russians are passionate about the sports. It is almost impossible to find a local resident, who is not engaged in any sport. Children of all ages, young people, older people and even pensioners are interested in it. Sport News is a very popular section in newspapers and on television programs. Russians like discussing their favorite team or athlete.